The Arab World Geographer
AWG 2006 Conference in Beirut
The Euro-Arab Encounter:
Geographical Linkages and Cross-Cultural Research Agendas

Call for papers           en français

The Arab World Geographer
in cooperation with
The Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut

26-28 October 2006
Lebanese American University
Beirut, Lebanon

The Arab World Geographer/Le Géographe du Monde Arabe (AWG) and the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut, Lebanon, are pleased to announce a jointly sponsored conference on the theme

The Euro-Arab Encounter: 

Geographical Linkages and 

Cross-Cultural Research Agendas

This academic venture is a further step toward consolidating social science research on the broad scope and array of relations between the West and the Arab world and building academic bridges between scholars and diverse disciplines. Contemporary terms such as “globalization” and “Empire” not only demand scholarship that explores the connections between these two ranges but also require understanding cognizant of the historical development of these ties.

 The conference seeks to bring together social scientists and other scholars and will focus on the mutual impact of European and Arab countries, culturally, economically, and politically. It seeks papers and discussion principally (though not exclusively) on the following topics:

Papers dealing with aspects of these thematic foci are especially welcome.

The conference will take place at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Prospective contributors should send an abstract (200–250 words) of their paper, in English or French, to the conference organizer by 15 June 2006. Decisions on acceptance will be given, following external refereeing, in early July.

 In addition to specialized panels and workshops, there will be a number of guest lectures by keynote speakers who have been invited to the conference. These lectures will be organized in a round-table format to facilitate interaction and discussion.

Further information and updates will be posted on a regular basis on the AWG Web site:

Send abstracts to:

Organizer, AWG 2006 Conference in Beirut
The Arab World Geographer
Department of Geography and Planning
University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-5005

Phone: +1 (330) 972 8831 (USA)
Fax: +1 (416) 972 6080 (USA)


To register, send your completed form and appropriate payment to the AWG editorial office at the address above. Please make your check payable to AWG–THE ARAB WORLD GEOGRAPHER. Participants who prefer to make payment by bank transaction are kindly requested to contact the conference organizer for further details. Please be advised that there is a US$50 fee for cancellations received prior to 15 June 2006. No refunds will be issued after this date.

Name  ____________________________________             Title ____

Organization  _____________________________________________

Address    _______________________________________________ 



Tel.  _________________        Fax  _________________               

E-mail          ______________________________________________

Registration Costs: 

This conference is subsidized for participants who reside in Africa and non-oil-producing Arab countries. For these participants, registration fees are a flat rate of US$60 per participant.

Registration before 15 June 2006:
–Individual  US$120
–Student  US$50

Registration after 15 June 2006: US$180

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