The Arab World Geographer
Le géographe du monde arabe

A quarterly journal publishing research articles of interest to all geographers and specialists in the Arab World.

Aims and Scope

The AWG is an international peer-review professional journal devoted to advancing geographical knowledge pertaining principally (though not exclusively) to the Arab World. It is integrative in approach, and especially oriented towards the relevance of applied research to policy. It provides for rapid publication of original research papers, reports, and reviews dealing with all aspects of the human environment in the lands of the Arab World as interpreted by human and physical geographers. The AWG seeks to disseminate the work of the new generation of Arab geographers to the wider international geographic and scholarly community through the medium of global English. As the millennium approaches, the editors of the journal believe there is need for a multidisciplinary forum for the discussion and analysis of all aspects of Arab geography within the context of international geographic dialogue in the 21st century. The emphasis of the journal will be on input from and about the Arab World and the implications of this material for both theoretical and applied research.

The AWG will be a valuable adjunct to courses on the geography of the Middle East and North Africa and an important source of new research information for specialists, students, policy makers, and a broader readership of individuals interested in or active in the Arab affairs.

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