The Arab World Geographer
AWG 2001 Conference in Malta
Geographies of the Euro-Arab Encounter:

Past, Present, and Future

Update # 1

Over the past few weeks, our Maltese co-sponsor has made great efforts to secure comfortable accommodations at a reasonable rate for the participants in the conference "The Geographies of the Euro-Arab Encounter" scheduled for 4-7 October 2001. We now have secured  accommodation in three-star hotels for 70 persons at the following rates:

 1) accommodation in a single room (bed and breakfast) at LM 12 (US$30 per  night)
 2) accommodation in a single room (on half board basis) at LM 14 (US$35  per night)

These special rates are for conference participants and rooms will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis and should be booked through the Conference Organizer (e-mail:

We encourage you to drop us an e-mail message at your earliest convenience and let us know the number of nights you wish to book for the hotel.

Best wishes,

Ghazi Falah
(on behalf of the Malta conference sponsors)
13 February 2001

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