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AWG 2001 Conference in Malta
Geographies of the Euro-Arab Encounter:

Past, Present, and Future

Update # 4
Dear Participants of the Malta Conference,

It is my great pleasure to announce the final schedule for THE ARAB WORLD GEOGRAPHER conference that will take place, Ein Sha' allah, in Malta between Oct. 4-7, 2001. As you will see, EIGHTY ONE papers have been accepted for this conference, and I am confident that we are bringing the Arab world back to the field of geography.

You will be able from the schedule to determine the exact time for your presentation so you can better arrange your travel and stay in Malta.

I hope this scheduling meets with your approval. It will be very difficult for us to reschedule a presentation, since we have worked hard to group papers under a common theme and want to stick to the final program as arranged.

Should you for some reason be unable to attend the conference, please inform us at your earliest convenience. Thank you all for your cooperation. I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Best regards,

Conference Organizer
2 July 2001

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