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Geographies of the Euro-Arab Encounter:

Past, Present, and Future

Update # 2

I am writing this message following a three-week trip to Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine and Kuwait, where I was able to contact local geographers in these countries and encourage them to consider attending the Malta conference scheduled for 4-7 October 2001. The prospects so far look very satisfactory. Many have expressed a strong interest and desire to attend.

I am pleased to report that we have a fairly large number of participants from virtually all Mediterranean countries. We have secured a team of six interpreters from Tunisia who will simultaneously translate presentations into three languages: English, Arabic and French. In addition, we have invited Professor Peter J. Taylor (UK), Professor Mohamad Naciri (Morocco), and Professor Eckert Ehlers (Germany) to act as keynote speakers and they have accepted our invitations.

Last but not least, this conference is being subsidized for all participants -- not only for colleagues who, as the earlier announcement noted, reside in Africa and Arab countries. The AWG has agreed to pay the local host in Malta US$137 per participant for the various services to be provided.

Whoever wishes to attend the conference should send his/her registration fees promptly and if possible before the April 30 deadline for early registration, in order to receive a reduced fee.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Malta next October.
Together we can make the conference a memorable scholarly event.

Best wishes,

Ghazi Falah
(on behalf of the Malta conference sponsors)
24 April 2001

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