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AWG volume 1 number 1
The Arab World Geographer, Fall 1998 (abstracts / résumés)

Ghazi Falah
Editorial / Editorial

Articles / Articles:

H.Harahsheh, R.Tateishi and O. El-Qudah
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Land Use and Land-Suitability Mapping: Case Study - Irbid District, Jordan

AM Salih
Small Farmers, Rural Islamic Banks Bureaucrats, and Brokers in Dar-aal-Manasir of Northern Sudan: Credit Institutions or Neo-Shail

A.Y.A. Al-Sabah
Recent Trends and Differentials of Infant Mortality in Kuwait

N.R. Shrestha
Local Labour and Global Capital: a Historical Perspective on Nepali Migration to India

C. Flint
The Political Geography of the Nazi Party’s Electoral Support: the NSDAP as Regional Milieuparteien and National Sammlungsbewegung

AWG volume 1 number 2
The Arab World Geographer, Winter 1998 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles:

Leila Ayari and Marc Brosseau
In their Rightful Place: Gender and Place in three Novels by Tunisian Women Writers

Susanne H. Steinmann
Gender, Animal Management, and Environmental Change in Eastern Morocco

Harun Rasid and Francis O. Odemerho
Assessments of Urban Flood Problems by Residents of Slums and Squatter Settlements: Benin City, Nigeria vs. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Maano F. Ramutsindela
Compromises and Consequences: An Analysis of South Africa's Land Reform Programme

Book Review / Compte-rendu:

Oren Yiftachel & Avinoam Meir, eds., 1998, Ethnic Frontiers and Peripheries: Landscapes of Development and Inequality in Israel, Boulder, Co: Westview  (Stephen A. Cook)

List of Referees 1998
Index to Volume 1, 1998

AWG volume 2 number 1
The Arab World Geographer, Spring 1999 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles:

Yahya Farhan
Geomorphic Impacts of Highway Construction, Their Causes and Remedies: A Case Study from Aqaba, Southern Jordan

Gwyn Rowley
The Tragedy of the Common Waters: Towards the Deepening Crisis within the Jordan Basin

Jack Davies
Migration in the Sudan during the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium (1898-1955)

Fabrizio Eva
South or East? Europe's dilemma in its search for preferential geopolitical and geoeconomic relations

Samory Rashid
Islam in America: Multicultural Blindspot

Book Review / Compte-rendu:

John Galaty and Douglas L. Johnson, eds., 1990, The World of Pastoralism: Herding Systems in Comparative Perspective, New York: The Guildford Press. (Ian R. Manners)

AWG volume 2 number 2
The Arab World Geographer, Summer 1999 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles:

Ghazi Falah
No Longer "Lost in the Desert": Human Geography from within the Arab World since 1985, Part I

Rassem Khamaisi
Management Transformations of Statutory Planning Systems in the Jerusalem Area

Issa M. Shair and Ayman H. Nasr
Using Satellite Images to Detect Land-Use Change in Al-Ain City, United Arab Emirates

Joe T. Darden and Sameh M. Kamel
Spatial and Socioeconomic Analysis of Arab/West Asians and Jews in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area

Book Reviews / Comptes-rendus:

The Object of Memory: Arab and Jew Narrate the Palestinian Village, by Susan Slyomovics (Gearoid OTuathail / Gerard Toal)

Rivers of Fire: The Conflict Over Water in the Middle East, by Arnon Soffer (Hussein A. Amery)

Cairo: The City Victorious, by Max Rodenbeck (Dona J. Stewart)

AWG volume 2 number 3
The Arab World Geographer, Fall 1999 (abstracts / résumés)
Acknowledgement / Remerciements
Hussein A. Amery, Ghazi Falah, Mohameden Ould-Mey

Articles / Articles:

Carlos E. Cordova
Landscape Transformation in the Mediterranean-Steppe Transition Zone of Jordan: A Geoarchaeological Approach

Chad F. Emmett
Nationalism among Christian Palestinians

Reuel Hanks
Islam, Politics, and Identity in Uzbekistan: Political and Cultural Landscapes in Central Asia's Lynchpin State

Thomas Y. Owusu
The Growth of Ashaiman as a Squatter Settlement in the Tema District of Ghana, 1950-1990

Book Reviews / Comptes-rendus:

Geopolitics in a Changing World, by Klaus Dodds (Virginie Mamadouh)

Sudan: The Reconquest Reappraised, by Edward M. Spiers (Hassan Addul-Aziz Ahmed)

Unvanquished: A U.S.-U.N. Sage, by Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Mohameden Ould-Mey)

Alahsa: A Geographic Study, by Abdullah A. Attahr (Abdulaziz A.Alsha)

AWG volume 2 number 4
The Arab World Geographer, Winter 1999 (abstracts / résumés)

Reflections / Réflexions:

Horst Kopp
Recent German Human Geographical Research on the Arab World

Fouad Ibrahim
Recent German Physical Geographical Research on the Arab World

Eckart Ehlers
Arab Geography and the International Geographical Union

Articles / Articles:

Hans-Jorg Barth
Desert Ecosystems in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia -- A Realistic Way to Improve Their Economic Value

Frank Meyer
The Bencherifs in Morocco: Cultural Dimensions in the Success Story of a Textile Manufacturing Family

Peter Linder
Family Business: Critical Commentary on an Established Socio-Spatial Explanatory Concept and the Example of Palestine

Translated Article / Article traduit:

Tawfik Canaan
The 'Azazime Bedouin and Their Region
(translated from German by William Templer)

List of Referees 1999
Index to Volume 2, 1999

AWG volume 3 number 1
The Arab World Geographer, Spring 2000 (abstracts / résumés)

Acknowledgement / Remerciements
Michael F. Davie, Ghazi Falah, and Virginie Mamadouh

Articles / Articles:

Dale Lightfoot
Ghayl and Miyan in Arabia Felix: The Ecology of diffusion and Recession of Use

Abdi Ismail Samatar
Social Transformation and Islamic Reinterpretation in Northern Somalia: The Women’s Mosque in Gabiley

Susan Bastani
Muslim Women on-Line

Ketut Wikantika, Jong-Hyum Park, Ryutaro Tateishi, Wihartini, Hussein Harahsheh, and Agung Budi Harto
Spectral Information Analysis from Multisensor Image Fusion for Land Use/Land Cover Classification in a Tropical Area: A Case Study in Bogor, Indonesia

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus:

Migrations internationales entre le Maghreb et l’Europe : les pays de destination et d’origine, by Mohamed Berriane, M. and Herbert Popp, eds. (Michael Samers)

The Geopolitics Reader, by Gearóid ÓTuathail, Simon Dalby, and Paul Routledge, eds. (Andrew Crampton)

AWG volume 3 number 2
The Arab World Geographer, Summer 2000 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles

George A. Brook and Shaw-Wen Sheen
Rainfall in Oman and the United Arab Emirates: Cyclicity, Influence of the Southern Oscillation, and What the Future May Hold

Peter Beaumont
Water for Peace in the Middle East: The Sacrifice of Irrigated Agriculture in Israel?

Abdou Khadre Diagne and Junji Yamamura
Tourism Development and Environmental Coast Laws in Senegal: The Case of the Petite Côte

Cheng-Gang Wen, Ryutaro Tateishi, and Hussein Harahsheh
Asian 30-Second Land Cover Dataset


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Arabs at the Crossroads: Political Identity and Nationalism, by Hilal Khashan  (Mohameden Ould-Mey)

Water for the Future: The West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel and Jordan, by the Committee on Sustainable Water Supplies for the Middle East (John Kolars)

Introducing Human Geographies, by Paul Cloke, Phil Crang, and Mark Goodwin (Rick Mitcham)

AWG volume 3 number 3
The Arab World Geographer, Fall 2000 (abstracts / résumés)
Forum on Current Crisis in Palestine/Israel
Ghazi Falah

Richard Nolte
Reflections of a Long-time Observer

Hilal Khashan
An Intifada for Peace and Against its Process

Walid Mustafa
Al-Aqsa Intifada: Why?

Robert W. McColl
On a Razor’s Edge: Opportunity Lost or Opportunity Gained?

David Newman
The Symbolism of Space and Place amongst Israelis and Palestinians

Jeff Halper
The Struggle for Control, the End of a Paradigm

Joseph Schechla
Putting Human Rights Back on the Map of Palestine

Rassem Khamaisi
‘Intifadat al-Aqsa’—The Perpetuation of the Situation or a Turning Point in Israel’s Relation to its Arab-Palestinian Citizens?

Peter J. Taylor
Commentary: Subtleties of Power

Articles / Articles

Diana K. Davis
Environmentalism as Social Control? An Exploration of The Transformation of Pastoral Nomadic Societies in French Colonial North Africa

Vadi Moodly and Salah Hathout
The Use of GIS for the Subjective and Objective Analysis of the Quality of Life in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Bimal Kanti Paul
The Geography of Childbirth in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Women and War in Lebanon, by Lamia Rustum Shehadeh  (Hussein A. Amery)

Plant Life in the World's Mediterranean Climates, by Peter R. Dallman (Mohamed Kassas)

Engaging Geopolitics, by Kathleen E. Braden and Fred M. Shelley; Political Geography: World Economy, Nation-State and Locality, By Peter J. Taylor and Colin Flint  (Klaus Dodds)

Homo Geographicus, A Framework for Action, Awareness, and Moral Concern, by Robert D. Sack  (Virginie Mamadouh)

AWG volume 3 number 4
The Arab World Geographer, Winter 2000 (abstracts / résumés)
El-Sayed El-Bushra and Ghazi Falah
Acknowledgement / Remerciements

Seteney Shami
Guest Editor’s Note

Articles / Articles

Gamal M. Hamid
Local Level Authorities and Local Action in Greater Khartoum, Sudan

Montasser M. Kamal
Exclusive Governance and Urban Development in Egypt

Samer El-Karanshawy
Participatory Approaches to Urban Development in Egypt: The Experience of a Non-Governmental Organization

Mona Harb el-Kak
Post-War Beirut: Resources, Negotiations, and Contestations in the Elyssar Project

Aseel Sawalha
Post-War Beirut: Place Attachment and Interest Groups in Ayn Al-Mreisi

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Islam in South Africa: Mosques, Imams, and Sermons, by Abulkader Tayob (Abdi Ismail Samatar)

Index to / du Volume 3, 2000
List of Referees / Liste des critiques 2000

AWG volume 4 number 1 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles

Mohamed Babiker Ibrahim,  Hassan Ahmed Abdel Ati, and Mohamed El-Hadi Abu Sin
The Development of Sudanese Geography

Samir M. A. H. Alredaisy and H. R. Jack Davies
Food Insecurity in the Sub-Saharan Rainlands: Umm Sial, a Village in White Nile State, Sudan

Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang and Baffour K. Takyi
African Immigrants in the U.S.A.: Some Reflections on Their Pre-and Post-Migration Experiences

Commentary / Commentaire

Alasdair D. Drysdale
Discussion Arising from Papers in AWG

Hussein A. Amery
Water, War, and Peace in the Middle East: Comments on Peter Beaumont

Sharif S. Elmusa
Hydro-Orientalism: Who Is Afraid of Native Experts?

Paul A. Kay
Water, Agriculture, and Uncertainty: Comments on Beaumont

Peter Beaumont
Water for Peace in the Middle East: Further Observations and Reflections

Review Essay / Etude critique

Caroline Nagel
Contemporary Scholarship and the Demystification and Re-Mystification of Muslim Women

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Understanding the Contemporary Middle East, by  Deborah J. Gerner, ed. (Don Zeigler)

Global Environmental Databases: Present Situations; Future Directions, by Ryutaro Tateishi and David Hastings, eds. (Loren Siebert)

AWG volume 4 number 2 (abstracts / résumés)


Forum / Forum
Colin Flint
Initial Thoughts towards Political Geographies in the Wake of September 11, 2001: An Introduction

Neil Smith
Ashes and Aftermath

John Agnew
Not the Wretched of the Earth: Osama Bin Laden and the Clash of Civilizations

Mohammed Abu-Nimer
Another Voice against the War

R.W. McColl
The Law of Unintended Consequences: Reflections on Some Global and National
Changes Following the Events of 11 September 2001

Jan Nijman
New York City and the Geopolitical Transition

Sallie Marston and Farhang Rouhani
Teaching and Learning the Lesson of Complexity

Colin Flint
Ending in Order to Begin …

Articles / Articles

Andreas Kagermeier
New Touristic Centres in Peripheral Regions of the Maghreb: Their Development and Economic Importance in Tunisia and Morocco

Carmella Pfaffenbach
“Le Tunisien est un bon client qui revient et qui consomme …”: On New Trends in Tunisian Domestic Tourism

Salah Hathout and Mohamed Sharaf
The Agroclimatic Suitability of Growing Dates, Bananas, and Grapes in Egypt Using GIS

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Out of Place: A Memoir, by Edward W. Said  (Miles Ogborn)

AWG volume 4 number 3

The Arab World Geographer Fall 2001 (abstracts / résumés)

AWG 2001 Malta Conference Keynote Lecture / Intervention générale à la Conférence AWG 2001

Peter J. Taylor
West Asian/North African Cities in the World City Network: A Global Analysis of Dependence, Integration, and Autonomy

Articles / Articles

Chuck Fahrer
The Geography of Egypt’s Islamist Insurgency

Ali Ahmad Al-Tarrah and Houman Ahmad Sadri
The Dynamic Tribe-State Relations in Saudi Arabia

Keith Sutton
Demographic Transition and Regional Population Change in Algeria, 1987–1998

Mohamed Aziz
Application of Spatial Analysis Systems to Environmental Planning in Kuwait: Case Study of the Process of Locating the Optimum Landfill Sites for Domestic Waste

AWG volume 4 number 4

The Arab World Geographer Winter 2001 (abstracts / résumés)

AWG 2001 Malta Conference Keynote Lecture/Intervention générale à la Conférence AWG 2001

Eckart Ehlers
The Mediterranean City: Arab and Western Encounters—Traditions and Futures

Articles / Articles

Virginie Mamadouh
Constructing a Dutch Moroccan Identity through the World Wide Web

Joan Nogué-Font
Portraits of Colonial Morocco: Spanish Visitors to the Moroccan Protectorate between 1912 and 1956

Abel Albet-Mas
Urban and Regional Planning in Colonial Morocco: From Protection to Exploitation

Hein de Haas
Migration, Development, and Agricultural Change in the South-Moroccan Todgha Valley

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

España en Marruecos (1912–1956): Discursos geográficos e intervención territorial, by Joan Nogué-Font and José Luis Villanova (José Antonio Rodríguez Esteban)

Index to/du Volume 4, 2001
List of Referees / Liste des critiques 2001

AWG volume 5 number 1

The Arab World Geographer Spring 2002 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles

Keith Sutton and Wael Fahmi
Cairo’s “Cities of the Dead”: The Myths, Problems, and Future of a Unique Squatter Settlement

Salah Hathout
The Use of Spatial and Non-Spatial Information Systems/Analyses for Predicting Crop Dynamics in the Nile Delta, Egypt

Mohameden Ould-Mey
The Non-Jewish Origin of Zionism

David Zurick, Gary Fuller, Alexander B. Murphy and Mark Ridgley
Ethnic Fragmentation in South Asia

AWG volume 5 number 2

The Arab World Geographer Summer 2002 (abstracts / résumés)

Guest Editors’ Note

Dawn Chatty and Ronald Jaubert
Alternative Perceptions of Authority and Control: The Desert and the Ma’moura of Syria

Articles / Articles

Bernard Geyer
Expansion and Decline of Syria’s Arid Margin

Lisa Triulzi
The Bedouin between ‘Development’ and ‘State’: a Syrian case-study

Jonathan Rae
Tribes and Territory in Modern Day Syria

Ronald Jaubert and Françoise Debaine
Spatial Division and Territorial Control in the Arid Margins of Syria

Françoise Debaine and Ronald Jaubert
The Degradation of the Steppe, Hypotheses and Realities 

AWG volume 5 number 3

The Arab World Geographer Fall 2002 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles 

George A. Brook

Yardangs in Ancient, Reddened Aeolian Sands South of Mogadishu, Somalia    


Ian A. Brookes

Lawrence’s Landscapes: Seven Pillars of Wisdom as Geography: Part I: Landscape Cognition, “Topopsychology.” Regional Geography, and Application to War             


Ian A. Brookes

Lawrence’s Landscapes: Seven Pillars of Wisdom as Geography: Part I: Terrain Description and Interpretation


Research Note / Note de recherche


Virginie Mamadouh

What Young People Outside the Arab World Know about It: Some Lessons from the

2002 Global Geographic Literacy Survey    


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus


Sacred Space and Holy War: The Politics, Culture and History of Shi’ite Islam, by Juan Cole 

(Peter Mandaville)


Jagatpur: 1977-97 – Poverty and Social Change in Rural Bangladesh, by Kamal Siddiqui 

(Bimal Kanti Paul)

AWG volume 5 number 4

The Arab World Geographer Winter / Hiver 2002 (abstracts / résumés)



Katja Brundiers and André Odermatt 

Analyzing Socio-Spatial Processes of Integration and Disintegration by Examining the Local Housing Market: A Case Study of Beirut, Lebanon   


Heiko Schmid

The Reconstruction of Downtown Beirut in the Context of Political Geography   

William Berthomiere   

Soviet Jewish Emigration to Israel: Measure of the Impacts on Jerusalem and on the Settlements of the West Bank and Gaza    


Yahya Farhan

Slope Stability Problems in Central and Northern Jordan   


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus


The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World, by Avi Shalim  (Colin Flint)



Index to / du Volume 5, 2002


List of Referees / Liste des critiques 2002


AWG volume 6 number 1

The Arab World Geographer Spring / Printemps 2003 (abstracts / résumés)

Forum on The 2003 War on/in Iraq

Ghazi-Walid Falah  Editorial: Whose war? 

Simon Dalby Geopolitics, the Bush Doctrine, and War on Iraq

Gertjan Dijkink World police, Unilateralism, and the Future of a Country

Ian S. Lustick America’s War and Osama’s Script

Walter L. Hixson The War in Iraq and American Freedom  

Yahya Farhan The Illegitimate and Shameless War on the Iraqi Homeland and the Iraqi People

Muhammad A. Shuraydi Is Devastation the Price of Democracy?: Operation Iraqi Freedom  

Hilal Khashan Baghdad’s New Mongols  

Paul Reuber The Tale of the Just War—A Post-Structuralist Objection  

James D. Sidaway Decentring Political Geographies  


Gerald Wesbter  Comments on War in Iraq Essays

Alexander B. Murphy  Geopolitical Perspectives on the Iraq War: Emerging Insights and Remaining Challenges

John Agnew  Learning from the War on Iraq

Articles / Articles 

Fahad Al-Said and Shaibu Bala Garba
Appropriation versus Encroachment in the Formation and Transformation of Street Form in Traditional Arab-Muslim Cities

AWG volume 6 number 2

The Arab World Geographer  Summer 2003 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles 

Georg Glasze

Segmented Governance Patterns— Fragmented Urbanism: The Development of Guarded Housing Estates in Lebanon   


Muhammad M. Yagoub and Joseph J. Hobbs

Geographic Information System Application for Camels: The Case of Al Ain, UAE


Rosemarie M. Esber

The 1948 Palestinian Arab Exodus from Haifa    



Book Reviews / Comptes rendus


The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World, by Avi Shalim    (Colin Flint)


Holy Land, Whose Land? Modern Dilemma, Ancient Roots, by Dorothy Drummond (Mohameden Ould-Mey)


AWG volume 6 number 3

 The Arab World Geographer  Fall 2003 (abstracts / résumés)




Barney Warf and Peter Vincent

Global Finance and the Arab World: Bahrain as an Offshore Banking Centre    


Samir M. A. H. Alredaisy and H. R. Jack Davies

The Ecology of Malaria in the Squatter Settlements of Urban Sudan: Hai Gameir in Omdurman    


Charles Schmitz

Transnational Yemen: Global Power and Political Identity in Peripheral States                



Research Note / Note de recherche


Joseph J. Hobbs and Mohamed M. Yagoub

The Discipline of Geography in the United Arab Emirates    



Book Reviews / Comptes rendus


A Geopolitics of Academic Writing, by A. Suresh Canagarajah    (Bill Templer)


Conference Report / Compte-rendu de conférence 


Institute of Law Expert Conference on Legal Aspects of Segregation Policies: The Impact on Palestinians    Cailin C. E. Mackenzie


AWG volume 6 number 4

The Arab World Geographer  Winter 2003 (abstracts / résumés)

Articles / Articles 

H. R. Jack Davies

West Africans in the Sudan during the Anglo-Egyptian Condominuim, 1898-1956  


Stephen Carlyle and Salah Hathout

The Use of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for the Forecasting of Wheat Field Yiel by Ostan in Iran


Abdou Khadre Diagne and Ousmane Fall

Environmental Impacts of Dam Construction in Developing Countries: The Case of the Senegal River Delta and the Need for a Sustainable Management Plan 


Tadesse Kidane-Mariam

The Historical Evolution of Municipal Management in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 



Book Reviews / Comptes rendus


After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy, by Noah Feldman (Mahmoud M. Galander)



Index to/du Volume 6 (2003)

List of referees / Listes des critiques 2003


AWG 7, Nos. 1 & 2       

The Arab World Geographer  Spring /Printemps  &  Summer / Été 2004 (abstracts / résumés)


Acknowledgement / Remerciements

Ghazi-Walid Falah and Virginie Mamadouh


Articles / Articles  


Colin Flint and Ghazi-Walid Falah



Nur Masalha

Edward W. Said and Rethinking the Question of Palestine                       


Muhammad A. Shuraydi

Edward W. Said: A Faithful Narrator of Palestinian Dispossession and Staunch Opponent of the Oslo Accords 


Khalil Barhoum 

Edward Said: The Man, his Works, and his Cause               


Timothy Brennan

Places of Mind, Occupied Lands: Edward Said and Philology        


Maria Dolors Garcia-Ramόn, Andrew Kirby, Antoni Luna, Lluis Riudor, and Perla Zusman

The Occidental Tourist: Said, Orientalism and the Mediterranean   


Audrey Kobayashi

Geography, Spatiality, and Racialization: The Contribution of Edward Said 


David Slater

The Gravity of Imperial Politics: Some thoughts on power and Representation            


Richard Falk

Orientalism and International Law                 


Ghazi-Walid Falah and Colin Flint

Geopolitical Spaces: The Dialectic of Public and Private Space in the Palestine/Israel Conflict   


AWG 7, No. 3

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Automne 2004 




Ratiba Hadj-Moussa

The Imaginary Concord and the reality of Discord: Dealing with the Algerian Civil War


Ali Zaid Al-Zu’abi

Culture and Work in Kuwait: An Anthropological Viewpoint    


I. M. Oroud and N. M. Al-Rousan

Urban Encroachment on Rain-Fed Agricultural Lands in Jordan During the Second Half of the 20th Century


Philip K. Mwanukuzi and Salah Hathout

Remote Sensing of Surface Moisture in Near Real Time     


Research Note / Note de recherche:

Mark D. Green

An Analysis of the Possible Influence of Climate on Settlement Shifts across the Karak Plateau and Surrounding Region, Jordan: Chalcolithic through Umayyad Periods   


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus: 

Persistent Permeability? Regionalism, Localism, and Globalization in the Middle East, by Bassel F. Salloukh and Rex Brynen  (Hilan Khashan)


The Colonial Present, by Derek Gregory  (Victor R. Savage)


American Empire: Roosevelt’s Geographer and the Prelude to Globalization, by  Neil Smith (Ian Alexander Muehlenhaus)


AWG 7, No. 4

The Arab World Geographer  Winter / Hiver 2004 




Sami Zeidan

Can Abundance and Scarcity Clash? Environmental Security in Lebanon’s Second Republic


Sharif S. Elmusa

Equitable Utilization and Significant Harm: Focusing International Water Law on Development


Liora Bigon 

From the “Conqueror Style” to the “Protector Style”: Architectural Dialogues in French Dakar, Senegal


Gabeba Baderoon

The Underside of the Picturesque Landscape: Meanings of Muslim Burial in Cape Town, South Africa


Index to volume 7 (2004)

List of referees / Liste des critiques (2004)

AWG 8, Nos. 1 & 2       

The Arab World Geographer  Spring /Printemps  &  Summer / Été 2005




Deirdre David

Power, Authority, and Location in the British Novel: Edward Said and the Politics of Place    


Paul Jahshan

Edward Said Meets Ameen Rihani: Lebanon’s Forgotten Orientalism    


David R. Jansson

Race, Power, and Internal Orientalism in the U.S.: Reflections on Edward Said and the Responsibilities of Intellectuals


Anne Buttimer and Mary Gilmartin

Ireland: John Bull’s Other Island    


Nihal Perera

Importing Problems: The Impact of a Housing Ordinance on Colombo, Sri Lanka    


Basem Ra’ad

Sacred Geographical Constructions on Palestine   


Gabeba Baderoon

Ambiguous Visibility: Islam and the Making of a South African Landscape 

AWG 8, No. 3

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Automne 2005 


Forum on The Viability of a Two-State Solution to the Israel/Palestine Conflict and Possible Alternatives


Ghazi-Walid Falah

Editorial: Is a Two-State Solution to the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict Still Possible? Are There Alternatives?    


Rafael Reuveny

The Binational State and the Colonial Imperative: The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict in Historical Perspective    


Ali Jarbawi

The Remaining Palestinian Options    


Yezid Sayigh

Closing Window of Opportunity for the Two-State Solution?    


Oren Yiftachel

Neither Two States Nor One: The Disengagement and “Creeping Apartheid” in Israel/Palestine    


Fouad Moughrabi

Waiting for the Barbarians: When Palestine Becomes Finland    


Naseer H. Aruri

U.S. Policy and the Single State in Palestine/Israel    


Virginia Tilley

From “Jewish State and Arab State” to “Israel and Palestine”? International Norms, Ethnocracy, and the Two-State Solution    


Izhak Schnell

A Route Leading to Separation and Peace    


David Newman

There Is No Solution Other than a Two-State Solution    


Sharif S. Elmusa

Greater Palestine: Matching Demography, Geography, and Heart    



Ron Johnston

Commentary I: On States and Territories    


Ann M. Lesch

Commentary II: The Logic of Unilateralism    


Gearóid Ó Tuathail (Gerard Toal)

Commentary III: Contradictions of the “Two-State Solution” 

AWG 8, No. 4

The Arab World Geographer  Winter / Hiver 2005 


Thomas Schmitt

Jemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech: changes to a social space and to a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity as a Result of global influences


Sami E. Baroudi

U.S.–Lebanese Relations in the 21st Century: A View from Beirut


Nadia Abu-Zahra

Nationalism for Security? Re-examining Zionism


Index to / du Volume 8, 2005

AWG 9, No. 1


The Arab World Geographer  Spring / Printemps 2006


Muhammad A. Shuraydi

Feeling at Home Away from Home: The Pioneering Role of Al-Jazeera and Other Arab Transnational Satellite Channels in the Maintenance and Change of Arab Diasporic Enclaves


David E. Rosenberg

The Yarmuk River Agreements: Jordan–Syrian Transboundary Water Management, 1953–2004


Abdi Ismail Samatar

Debating Somali Identity in a British Tribunal: The Case of the BBC Somali Service


AWG 9, No. 2

The Arab World Geographer  Summer / Été 2006


Khalid Al-Tarrah



Khalid Al-Tarrah

Kuwait Information Centre’s 2005 Symposium on Extremism and Terrorism: A Perspective from within the Arab Gulf Region   


Ghazi-Walid Falah

Reflections on the Symposium and Its Region   


Keynote Lecture:

Derek Gregory 

“In another time-zone, the bombs fall unsafely …”: Targets, Civilians and Late Modern War



Ibtisam Ibrahim and Muhammad A. Shuraydi

Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers: Equal Partners in the Struggle for Liberation          


Nurhan Abujidi and Han Verschure

Military Occupation as Urbicide by “Construction and Destruction”: The Case of Nablus, Palestine  

AWG 9, No. 3

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Automne 2006 


Hilal Khashan 

The Spiritual Utopia of Islamic Historical Determinism


Inge van der Welle

Claiming the “Moroccan-Dutch”: Dual Nationality and Interacting Citizenship Regimes


Joanna Long

Embodied Politics: Palestinian Students in the United Kingdom Tackle Media

Misrepresentations Joanna Long


Waleed Hazbun 

Explaining the Arab Middle East Tourism Paradox


AWG 9, No. 4

The Arab World Geographer  Winter/ Hiver 2007 


Chuck Fahrer

The Globalization of the Insurgent State 


Ralph Lessmeister

Integrating Moroccan Actors into International Tourism: The Importance of Entry Barriers

to Final Markets and Their Consequences for Regional Development 


Rassem Khamaisi

Planning a Palestinian Urban Core: The City of Ramallah 


Research Note / Note de recherche:

Patrick McGreevy 

Spaces of Terror: Places of Resistance 


Index to / du Volume 9, 2006


AWG 10, No. 1

The Arab World Geographer  Spring / Printemps 2007



Safaa Z. Aldwaik

The Corridor: Using GIS to Propose Satisfactory Transportation Paths between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip


Samer Alatout

State-ing Natural Resources through Law: The Codification and Articulation of Water Scarcity and citizenship in Israel    

Research Note / Note de recherche

Nadia L. Abu Zahra

Resisting the Wall: An Interview with Nazeeh Shalabi in the Village of Mas'ha, West Bank, Palestine    


Conference Report / Compte rendu de conference


Omar Jabary Salamanca

The Madrid Conference: Translating the One-State Slogan into Research and Political Action Agendas 

AWG 10, No. 2

The Arab World Geographer  Summer / Été 2007


Ibrahim M. Oroud 

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Frost in Jordan 


Saif Al-Qaydi and J. M. Jamil Brownson

Assessing Planned Industrial Location and Economic Development in Dubai, UAE:

Spatial and Sector Impacts of Labour Force Distribution among Industrial Establishments


Mohamed Aziz, Ajeel Al-Zaher, and Obaid Al Otaibi

Spatial assessment of Pre-20th-Century Settlements on Failaka Island, Kuwait:

An analytical Study Based on GIS and GPS


Research Note / Note de recherche:

Mahmut Gokmen and Tyler Haas

Modern Mapping of Orientalism onto the Arab World: National Geographic Magazine,


AWG 10, No. 3-4

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Automne & Winter / Hiver 2007


Caroline Nagel

Ummah, Locality, and In Between: Muslim-American Perspectives on Societal Membership


Virginie Mamadouh

Representing Arabs in the West: A Comparison of the Arab European League (AEL) with the Arab American Institute (AAI)

Ali Z. Al-Zu’abi and Khaldun H. Al-Naqeeb

Tackling Corruption in the Arab World, with Special Reference to Kuwait 


Gary Fields

Landscapes of Power: British Enclosure and the Palestinian Geography    


Hossein Mohammadi and Seiyed Mossa Hosseini

Rainfall-Runoff Simulation Using Fuzzy Linear Regression—Case Study: Kasilian, a Representative Watershed in Iran      


Norma M. Rantisi

Conceptualizing City-Regions as “Places” and “Spaces”



Research Note / Note de recherche:


Anna Madoeuf

From Ipazia, Imaginary City, to Cairo, Oriental City: Strange Similarities


Index to / du Volume 10, 2007


AWG 11, No. 1-2

AWG volume 11 number 1-2

The Arab World Geographer  Spring /Printemps  &  Summer / Été 2008


Mahmut Gokmen, Mark de Socio, and Ghazi-Walid Falah

Geopolitics from Above: A Review of U.S.–Turkey Bilateral Relations, 1947–2006


Mahmut Gokmen, Mark de Socio, and Ghazi-Walid Falah

Geopolitics from Below: Student Perceptions of Contemporary U.S.–Turkey Relations   


Maria Dolors Garcia-Ramon and Rosa Cerarols Ramírez

Spanish Women’s Travel Narratives in Colonial Morocco, 1900–36: Reconsidering Their Imagined Geographies


Issa M. El Shair and Majdi M. Abu Khater

Demographic Analysis of Automobile Accidents in Irbid, Jordan, Using GIS and GPS


Gwyn Rowley

Continuing Conflict or Compromise? Water and Land in the Jordan Basin


Research Note / Note de recherche:

Hanna Ziadeh

Fear for Space: The Communal Landscape and the Politics of Sectarian Mobilization in Post–14 March 2005 Lebanon


Ghazi-Walid Falah, Patrick McGreevy, Francesco Renna, and Colin Flint 

Perceptions of American Lifestyle and Democracy among Lebanese and Kuwaiti University Students


AWG 11, No. 3

AWG volume 11 number 3

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Automne 2008


Mohamed Babiker Ibrahim

The Impact of Democracy on the Socio-economic Development of the Sudan


Mohammad S. Makki

The Growth of Land Uses in the Medina Region of Saudi Arabia in Light of the Nordbeck Model



Research Notes / Notes de recherche:


Ghazi-Walid Falah, Yahiya Farhan, Naeif Alrousan, June Crowe, Mahmud Al-Habees, Suleiman S. Abu-Kharmeh, and Mohammad Z. Raqab

The Land Regime in Jordan: Opinion Survey I—Pilot Study    .


Ghazi-Walid Falah, Mohammad Z. Raqab, Ibrahim M. Oroud, Mahmud Al-Habees, Suleiman S. Abu-Kharmeh, and June Crowe

The Land Regime in Jordan: Opinion Survey II—University Students


Ghazi-Walid Falah, Mohammad Z. Raqab, June Crowe, and Mahmud Al-Habees

The Land Regime in Jordan: Opinion Survey III—Households


Nobaya Ahmad and Zaid Ahmad

Interpreting Ibn Khaldun’s Principles of Urban Planning toward Sustainability of Cities

AWG 11, No. 4

AWG volume 11 number 4

The Arab World Geographer  Winter / Hiver 2008


Mark de Socio

Geographers Mobilize, A Network-Diffusion Analysis of the Campaign to Free Ghazi-Walid Falah   


Hilal Khashan

Hezbollah’s Unfettered Righteousness: The Pursuit of a Millennial Creed   


Nazmiye Özgüç

Gender Representation in Academic Geography in Turkey


Research Note / Note de recherche

Yaser M. Najjar 

Spatial and Behavioral Analysis of Resort Locations: A Case Study in Qatar

 Index to / du Volume 11, 2008

AWG volume 12 number 1-2

The Arab World Geographer  Spring / Printemps 2009 & Summer / Été 2009


Ali Asgary

Spatial Patterns and Distribution of Disasters in the OIC Member Countries      


Nadia Abu-Zahra and Hayley Price

The Effects of Cabinet Shuffles on Development Projects: A Case Study on Global Education in Jordan  


Khairulmaini Osman Salleh

Climate Insecurity: The Challenge for Malaysia and the Developing Countries of Southeast Asia


Muhamad Barzani Gasim, Salmijah Surif, Mohd Ekhwan Hj Toriman, Sahibin Abd Rahim, Rahmah Elfithri, and Pan Ia Lun

Land-Use Change and Climate-Change Patterns in the Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia  


Farasat Ali Siddiqui and Nazmul Hussain

Literacy and Socio-economic Marginalization of the Muslim Population in Malda District, West Bengal, India


Research Notes / Notes de recherche  

Mike S. DeVivo

Assessing Development in the Islamic World: An Alternative Approach


Mohd Ekhwan Hj Toriman, Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Muhamad Barzani Gasim, Sharifah Mastura, S. A., and Nor Azlina Abdul Aziz

Issues of Climate Change and Water Resources in Peninsular Malaysia: The Case of Northern Kedah   


A. Owolabi Ayeni, A. S. O. Soneye, and I. I. Balogun

State of Water-Supply Sources and Sanitation in Nigeria: Implications for Muslims in Ikare-Akoko Township   


Gu Chaolin, Yuan Xiaohui, Li Ping, and Ian G. Cook

China’s Northwest Islamic Culture Area and Its Challenges

AWG volume 13 number 3-4

The Arab World Geographer  Spring / Printemps 2009 & Summer / Été 2009


Hatim El Hibri

Mapping Beirut: Toward a History of the Translation of Space from the French Mandate through the Civil War (1920–91)


Laura Khoury and Seif Da’na

Hezbollah’s War of Position: The Arab-Islamic Revolutionary Praxis


Naser A. Saleh and Ramze A. Elzahrany

Geography in Saudi Arabia


Samir M. A. Hassan Alredaisy

Typhoid Fever in Sudan: Some Geographic and Time Considerations from 2000 through 2008


Muhammad Barzani Gasim, Mazen M. Jamil, Sahibin Abd Rahim, and Mohd Ekhwan Toriman

Water-Quality Assessment of the Langat River at Kilometre 7, Jalan Kajang-Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Alhassan Mamman Muhammad and Mallam Yusuf Garba

Farmers’ Knowledge of Land Degradation Issues in Ganga District, Daura Emirate, Katsina State, Nigeria


Ghulam Akhmat

The Distinct Morphology and Essence of the Islamic Built Environment

Commentaries / Commentaires

Ghazi-Walid Falah

Discussion Arising from Papers in The Arab World Geographer


Joseph Alagha

Commentary on “Hezbollah’s Unfettered Righteousness: The Pursuit of a Millennial Creed”                    


Max Weiss

Hezbollah in Lebanon: Right(eous) or Wrong


Monte Palmer 

Hezbollah Bides Its Time


Hilal Khashan

Hezbollah in the Balance: Expeditious Fragmentation or Delayed Gratification     

Index to / du Volume 12, 2009

AWG volume 13 number 1

The Arab World Geographer  Spring / Printemps 2010


Emine Ö. Evered and Kyle T. Evered

Decolonization through Secularization: A Geopolitical Reframing of Turkey’s 1924 Abolition of the Caliphate


Ilhan Kaya

History, Political Space, and Shifting Power Relations in Turkey


Necati Anaz and Darren Purcell

Geopolitics of Film: Valley of the Wolves—Iraq and Its Reception in Turkey and Beyond


Kyle T. Evered

The Truman Doctrine in Greece and Turkey: America’s Cold War Fusion of Development and Security  


Sevil Sargın and Kadir Temurçin

Spatial Dispersion and Analysis of Urban Property Crime in Turkey

AWG volume 13 number 2

The Arab World Geographer  Summer / Été 2010


Aziz Shafie, Jamilah Mohamad, and Rosmadi Fauzi

Spatial Patterns of Social Well-Being at the District Level in Peninsular Malaysia


Ahmad Sanusi Hassan

Fishing Villages: Resemblance to the Pre-colonial City Landscape at the Straits of Malacca in Peninsular Malaysia


Norlida Abdul Hamid

Delineating Catchment Areas of Selected KTM Komuter Stations in the Kuala Lumpur Conurbation Using a GIS-Based Approach


Goh Hong Ching, Mariney Mohd Yusoff, and Tan Wan Hin

Willingness to Pay in Kinabalu Park, Malaysia: A Portrayal of the Meanings of Kinabalu


Srazali Aripin

Healing Architecture: Daylighting Design in Hospital Environments in Malaysia   


Research Notes / Notes de recherche

 Khairil Wahidin Awang

Tourism Policy Development: The Malaysian Experience


AWG volume 13 number 3-4

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Automne & Winter / Hiver 2010


Ghazi-Walid Falah

On This Forum—Celebrating the 50th Issue of The Arab World Geographer

Caroline Nagel

Arab in the Third Person: Personal Reflections on Positionality, Geographical Belonging, and the Production of Knowledge

Virginie Mamadouh

The Arab that wasn’t: Postcolonial Heritages and Ascribed Identities as Geographical Inspirations 

Nadia Abu-Zahra

Learning to See the Fears of Others, and How to Overcome Them: A Geographer’s Journey from Childhood Witness to Academic Analyst

Ghazi-Walid Falah

The Answer Was “A Brazilian Flag”: The Unfinished Journey of a Diaspora Geographer living in Ohio

Audrey Kobayashi

Geographies of Courage, Imagination, and Hope

Peter J. Taylor

TAJAGA Metropolitan Region in the “Mind of a Non-Arab Geographer”: Negotiating Positionality Beyond Nationalisms


Christopher Harker
New Geographies of Palestine/Palestinians

Barney Warf

Islam Meets Cyberspace: Geographies of the Muslim Internet


Research Report / rapport de recherche 

Katie Hesketh, Suhad Bishara, Sawsan Zaher, and Rina Rosenberg

Inequality Report: The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel December 2010

Index to / du Volume 13, 2010

AWG volume 14 number 1

The Arab World Geographer  Fall / Spring / Printemps 2011


Harun Rashid

Interpreting Cyclone Disasters in Bangladesh and Myanmar from Web-Based Newspaper Discourse: Media Framing of Cyclone Vulnerability on the Bay of Bengal Coast


Bimal Kanti Paul

Public Response to Bangladesh’s 2007 Floods and Cyclone Sidr: A Comparison


Syed Abu Hasnath

Bangladesh: From Basket Case to Showcase—An Essay on the Geography of Development


Bhuiyan M. Alam

Are Anglo-American-Style Normative Planning Theories Applicable in South Asian Cities? An Exploratory Study


Review Essay / Essai critique

Leonard G. Peacefull

Seeking the Light in Modern Turkish Relationship Issues

AWG volume 14 number 2

The Arab World Geographer Summer / Été 2011

Forum on the 2011 “Arab Spring”

Virginie Mamadouh

Forum on the 2011 “Arab Spring” – Introduction


Mona Fayad

The Arab Youth Revolution Paradigm: Rights, Freedom, Responsibility, vand Transparency


Paul Jahshan

The 2011 Arab Uprisings and the Persistence of Orientalism


As’ad Ghanem

The Tragedy of Contradictions: The Spring of the Arab Peoples and the Inevitable Democracy


Sharif S. Elmusa

A Great Creative Moment


Hussein A. Amery

State Legitimacy from Below: “The Land Speaks Arabic”


Seif Da’na

The Mismeasure of Arabs: Culture and Revolution


Mohammed Abu-Nimer

Non-violent Resistance in the Arab World: The Demythologizing of Essentialist Myths about Arab Societies


Gerald R. Webster

“Guard your revolution”: Comments on the “Arab Spring” Essays


Barney Warf

Myths, Realities, and Lessons of the “Arab Spring”


Fred M. Shelley

Orientalism, Idealism, and Realism: The United States and the “Arab Spring”


Raymond W. Cox III

To Thine Own Self Be True: Conflicting Interpretations of the Cultural and Social Implications of the “Arab Spring”


Ghazi-Walid Falah

Epilogue: The Challenge of Keeping Non-violent Protest Non-violent

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Ann Kritzinger

Close Fit of Seven Towns in Ptolemy’s Geographica with Seven Aoukar Heritage Sites: Impacts on Early Arab Itineraries across Mauritania,

Senegal, and Mali


Muhammad Barzani Gasim, Salmijah Surif, Sahibin Rahim, Ainon Hamzah, Md. Fauzi Abdullah, Mohd. Ekhwan Toriman, Mazlin Mokhtar, Wannor Azmin Sulaiman, and Mohd. Ismail Yaziz

Development and Land-Use Change in the Semenyih River Basin and Their Impact, Selangor, Malaysia

AWG volume 14 number 3

The Arab World Geographer Autumn / Automne 2011


Rasha El-Ibiary

New Media, Geopolitics, and Terror: Discursive Analysis of Bush and Bin Laden’s Rhetoric

Predicting the Impact of Intercity Transportation Connections on Spatial Environmental Noise Pollution in Greater Khartoum, 2009
Samir Mohamed Ali Hassan Alredaisy

David L. Baylis

Environmental (Degradation and Uncertain) Security: Reifying the Conditions for Social and Environmental Degradation in Uzbekistan

Journey Harun Rashid

Autobiography: A Geographer’s Journey From the Ganges–Brahmaputra to the Mississippi Floodplains: How a
Passion for Rivers and Flood Studies Shaped a Geographer’s Research

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Atlas du Liban : territoires et société, by Éric Verdeil, Ghaleb Faour, and Sébastien Velut

(Sofia Toufi Shwayri)

A Desert Named Peace: The Violence of France’s Empire in the Algerian Sahara, 1844–1902, by Benjamin Claude Brower
(George R. Trumbull IV)

Spatial Conceptions of the Nation: Modernizing Geographies in Greece and Turkey, eds. P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, Thalia Dragonas, and Çağlar Keyder

(Kyle T. Evered)

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